Epilepsy and how to deal with it

Epilepsy is a medical condition in which your brain doesn’t function properly, and you end up having seizures. The seizures are always recurring. This is very dangerous as it can lead to brain or head injury and other related complications. Epilepsy can also be genetic if there is no apparent cause for epilepsy; it is considered that it might be a genetic cause.

However, the relationship between genes and epilepsy is not very obvious, and no tests are yet discovered to solve this problem, so for this now, this relationship is termed as complicated.

Causes of Epilepsy

Causes of epilepsylsdnalvknlksadnvllsadvnlksnadkvnksandvsadv varies from person to person, and genetic epilepsy is one of the causes of epilepsy as well. Other causes of epilepsy are:

Change of brain structure is one of the vital causes of epilepsy

three out of ten people are suffering from this cause, and resultantly they get electrical storms of recurring seizures.

  • This can be a problem by birth as well. Some children are born with an injury on the part of the brain that can cause seizures repeatedly.
  • Autism spectrum disorder is also considered as one of the causes. It is a development disorder group.
  • Brain infections can certainly cause epilepsy. For earlier stage treatments, medicines are effective to an instant, but they end up leaving scars which later on start to cause seizures and damage the brain furthermore.

Epilepsy caused by age

Epilepsy is caused due to varying reasons and varying ages.

In newborns, epilepsy is caused due to lack of oxygen during birth and inborn errors of metabolism. Both of these lead to epilepsy, and their brain starts to malfunction. Apart from brain functioning errors, the missing of some essential elements from a human body might also lead to epilepsy. This can be low levels of blood magnesium, blood sugar, and blood calcium. If the mother has been using some effective drugs during the pregnancy period, it will directly affect the body of the carried child, and he might be a patient of epilepsy then.

In children, epilepsy is caused if their fever turns out to exceed at dangerous levels and it leads to seizures. Rare chances are of head injury epilepsy.

In adults, genetic factors might be a cause of it. Rare chances are of any brain disease or head trauma.

In senior citizens, any stroke or trauma can directly lead to epilepsy.

Steps to deal with epilepsy

The question arises that what can be the possible steps to deal with epilepsy? Following steps can be taken to deal with epilepsy.

  •  One must learn to recognizeksnadvklsadklvnklsandvlknaskdnvlksandlkvnasdv all the symptoms or signs that occur during the seizure. In most cases, one loses consciousness or has strong strokes. Apart from these symptoms, leg and arms jerks occur. A person can go blind gazed as a result of a seizure.
  • Once a person has been affected by a seizure, in future he must take care of a very effective responsive plan towards it. One should carry along the necessary forms and fill them out. It should contain all the important contacts and names of your doctors. It should also enlist some checklist items for how long a person can stay with you in that specific condition.
  • For a person undergoing a seizure, first aid should be instantly provided to him. It is done to make sure that the person doesn’t get any injury in that condition and he remains safe. The person should be provided comfort, and one should stay calm.
  • The person suffering from seizure should be protected well enough from any possible accident. Since the body movements are out of control and there are quite possible chances of a person falling or collapsing to the ground. So the person should be held and taken care of, to avoid any wound.
  • If required, emergency services should be called immediately, and the person should be transmitted to the hospital, and he will be taken well care of.


The Common Diseases Caused By Dirty Water

The importance of access to safe drinking water cannot be stressed enough. Every year, millions of people die because of waterborne diseases, making these ailments one of the leading causes of death in the world. People who do not have access to clean water have no choice but to drink water contaminated with bacteria and other microorganisms.

The dangers of dirty water

hgdhgd4Aside from microbes, untreated water may also have traces of toxic chemicals. While some elements and compounds offer some benefits, even those substances are only safe at controlled amounts. Water treatment is important for homes and any other kind of establishment to ensure the safety of the people consuming it. If you want to make sure your home’s H2O supply is safe, you can seek help from water treatment experts to protect you and your family. Also check www.watersoftenercritic.com/FLECK-5600-review and read the review on one of the best water softeners.

Even having basic knowledge about waterborne diseases, it is easy to protect someone in your household who may have some symptoms. Besides that, you may also diagnose the pipes by yourself and check whether they are dirty. If they are, look for a professional who can clean or replace them. This can be the best way to get rid of the common waterborne diseases.

Below are the common diseases caused by dirty water:


Fever which is associated with is a very common disease; it is mainly caused by dirty water which has Salmonella. This is a bacterium which causes typhoid. For over decades, many people have been suffering from typhoid in each year. The common symptoms of typhoid are nausea, appetite loss, and also other serious health problem like diarrhea. The list is endless.


Cholera is also very common waterborne disease. This disease is caused by a bacterium known as the Vibrio cholera. Those people who suffer from cholera may experience diarrhea as well. If cholera is untreated it can cause death. Those who offer water treatment services may use different methods to eliminate bacteria and protect your family from these diseases.


Unfortunately, microbes are not the only things that can cause waterborne diseases. There are some companies that offer water treatment services and you can’t lack one in your local area. They protect your family from chemically-induced illnesses. One example of this is fluorosis, which is a bone disease caused by excessive amounts of fluoride in groundwater.

The right amounts of fluoride can help people maintain their dental health, but too much fluoride can be detrimental. Arsenicosis is caused by long-term contact with low concentrations of arsenic in water. This disease causes skin keratosis and can lead to cancer development in body organs like the lungs and kidney.


Three Core Changes We Have To Make For Our Lives To Be Fulfilling

Many philosophers have tried to explain life using various dimensions, and many of them have come up with what seems to be a perfect explanation of living. In life, many things don’t go according to plan although it is advisable to plan your life well to live life to the fullest. To achieve a good and meaningful life, one must ensure he/she possesses good character and attitude to life to make worthy and meaningful. It is important to adhere to life-changing virtues to achieve these. Philosophers have come up three core life to change virtues to make life worthy and enjoyable.

How to live your life to the fullest?


erdfsdcvgbnIn life, there are countless opportunities that we need to make to make our lives smooth and enjoyable. The choices we make in life always determine the kind of life we intend to live or the ultimate destiny of our lives. The better the choices we make, the better our lives will be. This means that our life depends on the choices we make. Despite the fact that some choices are controversial and might prove to be difficult, it has a meaning in our lives. For our lives to be better, we must change the way we choose our affairs as they ultimately dictate our success in life.


Taking chances in life is paramount as it is the best determinant of our success. Without taking that chance in life, you will not be able to cage your viability to make your life worthy. It is always said, “it is better to fail after trying than to fail because you never tried.” Taking chances is an ideal part in inspiring our personality as it is said that you can never succeed before you try. For our lives to change, we must perceive changes as the only way to succeed and change our perception of failure.


drfzgvhbnThe way we perceive our lives and decorate them is very vital in making them colorful and meaningful. Attitude towards life is important as it is the driving force to keep fighting for a better life. A god attitude towards life will make us enjoy it and keep it moving with all our strength. Anybody with a bad attitude towards life is doomed to fail, but one with a good attitude will have a successful life full of enjoyment. Changing our attitude towards life is, therefore, the only way to have a meaningful life.

The change gives us an opportunity to rise and continue after a fall. It is said that change is inevitable and we all have an obligation to change our lives for better and live a fulfilling life. You have to make a choice and take that chance with good life attitude for your life to change.


Top Reasons Why You Should Learn CPR

The sad truth is: humans are fragile. Thankfully, we realize how fragile we are and learn how to take care of ourselves, and others. We take care of ourselves through methods such as CPR which is an emergency procedure that combines chest compressions and rescue breathing to reverse cardiac arrest. Some people think that medical professionals and paramedics are the only ones who can do CPR. Others believe that CPR can only be done by individuals with many years of extensive training in medical operations. Nothing can be further from the truth. CPR is easy to learn and is taught to thousands of people every year.

Here are important reasons why you should learn CPR

Saves Life: main reason why you should learn CPR

rdfsdfvhAccording to studies, more than 200,000 people die of cardiac arrests every year. 88% of these cardiac arrests occur at home. In a shocking statistic, only 6.4% of victims survive the dreaded cardiac arrest. It gets worse since over 70% of people feel helpless during a cardiac arrest emergency because they are inadequately trained to administer resuscitation. When a victim suffers from the arrest, the heart can no longer effectively pump blood to all parts of the body. The longer the body goes without adequate blood circulation, the lesser the chance of survival. By learning CPR, you can increase a victim’s chance of surviving by more than double.


Being certified in CPR gives you a due advantage over others when applying for jobs. Many jobs, especially those in education and healthcare, require the applicants to have a knowledge of some basic first aid practices. The Occupational Health & Safety Administration, (OSHA) calls for CPR training in certain positions to promote life safety. As a young person, preparing for summer jobs such as babysitting, camp counseling, and lifeguarding, these present a valid reason why you should learn CPR.

Easy to learn

fgvbhnjdmKnowledge is power. You do not have to be a medical genius or complete many years of extensive training to learn how to perform CPR effectively. Just about anyone at any time can perform resuscitation. You can also find online videos or attend formal classes to learn this important lifesaving technique. This will give you and your family the much-desired peace of mind no matter what stage of life you are going through. Whether you are out skiing in the mountains or enjoying a peaceful time at home, having the knowledge to save lives brings confidence and assurance.