The Common Diseases Caused By Dirty Water

The importance of access to safe drinking water cannot be stressed enough. Every year, millions of people die because of waterborne diseases, making these ailments one of the leading causes of death in the world. People who do not have access to clean water have no choice but to drink water contaminated with bacteria and other microorganisms.

The dangers of dirty water

hgdhgd4Aside from microbes, untreated water may also have traces of toxic chemicals. While some elements and compounds offer some benefits, even those substances are only safe at controlled amounts. Water treatment is important for homes and any other kind of establishment to ensure the safety of the people consuming it. If you want to make sure your home’s H2O supply is safe, you can seek help from water treatment experts to protect you and your family. Also checkĀ and read the review on one of the best water softeners.

Even having basic knowledge about waterborne diseases, it is easy to protect someone in your household who may have some symptoms. Besides that, you may also diagnose the pipes by yourself and check whether they are dirty. If they are, look for a professional who can clean or replace them. This can be the best way to get rid of the common waterborne diseases.

Below are the common diseases caused by dirty water:


Fever which is associated with is a very common disease; it is mainly caused by dirty water which has Salmonella. This is a bacterium which causes typhoid. For over decades, many people have been suffering from typhoid in each year. The common symptoms of typhoid are nausea, appetite loss, and also other serious health problem like diarrhea. The list is endless.


Cholera is also very common waterborne disease. This disease is caused by a bacterium known as the Vibrio cholera. Those people who suffer from cholera may experience diarrhea as well. If cholera is untreated it can cause death. Those who offer water treatment services may use different methods to eliminate bacteria and protect your family from these diseases.


Unfortunately, microbes are not the only things that can cause waterborne diseases. There are some companies that offer water treatment services and you can’t lack one in your local area. They protect your family from chemically-induced illnesses. One example of this is fluorosis, which is a bone disease caused by excessive amounts of fluoride in groundwater.

The right amounts of fluoride can help people maintain their dental health, but too much fluoride can be detrimental. Arsenicosis is caused by long-term contact with low concentrations of arsenic in water. This disease causes skin keratosis and can lead to cancer development in body organs like the lungs and kidney.