Top Reasons Why You Should Learn CPR

The sad truth is: humans are fragile. Thankfully, we realize how fragile we are and learn how to take care of ourselves, and others. We take care of ourselves through methods such as CPR which is an emergency procedure that combines chest compressions and rescue breathing to reverse cardiac arrest. Some people think that medical professionals and paramedics are the only ones who can do CPR. Others believe that CPR can only be done by individuals with many years of extensive training in medical operations. Nothing can be further from the truth. CPR is easy to learn and is taught to thousands of people every year.

Here are important reasons why you should learn CPR

Saves Life: main reason why you should learn CPR

rdfsdfvhAccording to studies, more than 200,000 people die of cardiac arrests every year. 88% of these cardiac arrests occur at home. In a shocking statistic, only 6.4% of victims survive the dreaded cardiac arrest. It gets worse since over 70% of people feel helpless during a cardiac arrest emergency because they are inadequately trained to administer resuscitation. When a victim suffers from the arrest, the heart can no longer effectively pump blood to all parts of the body. The longer the body goes without adequate blood circulation, the lesser the chance of survival. By learning CPR, you can increase a victim’s chance of surviving by more than double.


Being certified in CPR gives you a due advantage over others when applying for jobs. Many jobs, especially those in education and healthcare, require the applicants to have a knowledge of some basic first aid practices. The Occupational Health & Safety Administration, (OSHA) calls for CPR training in certain positions to promote life safety. As a young person, preparing for summer jobs such as babysitting, camp counseling, and lifeguarding, these present a valid reason why you should learn CPR.

Easy to learn

fgvbhnjdmKnowledge is power. You do not have to be a medical genius or complete many years of extensive training to learn how to perform CPR effectively. Just about anyone at any time can perform resuscitation. You can also find online videos or attend formal classes to learn this important lifesaving technique. This will give you and your family the much-desired peace of mind no matter what stage of life you are going through. Whether you are out skiing in the mountains or enjoying a peaceful time at home, having the knowledge to save lives brings confidence and assurance.